Articulating LCD LED HDTV Tilt / Swivel TV Wall Mount Bracket (up to VESA 200×200) for 23 26 27 32 37 inch TV Screen

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Adjustable Tilt/Swivel Arm Wall Mount for HDTV Specifications: – Supports VESA: 50x50mm/ 75x75mm/ 100x100mm/ 200x100mm/ 200x200mm – Swivel Range: up to 180° – Tilt Range: ± 20° – Wall to TV: 100mm (3.94″) to 393mm (15.42″) – Maximum weight capacity: 30kg / 66lbs – Color: Black Features: – Brand New Premium Slim Design – Scratch

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Adjustable Tilt/Swivel Arm Wall Mount for HDTV


– Supports VESA: 50x50mm/ 75x75mm/ 100x100mm/ 200x100mm/ 200x200mm

– Swivel Range: up to 180°

– Tilt Range: ± 20°

– Wall to TV: 100mm (3.94″) to 393mm (15.42″)

– Maximum weight capacity: 30kg / 66lbs

– Color: Black


– Brand New Premium Slim Design

– Scratch resistant & durable aluminum steel construction in black finish

– 3 way adjustable swivel, tilt, & extended arm mount

– Cable management for a clean look

– Works well with LED LCD HDTVs & Flat Computer Screens

– Great for saving surface space by mounting to the wall

– Two main parts allows for easy and fast set-up

– Assembly instructions and parts included for installation

– Mounting hardware for concrete, solid block and wooden studs included

– Easy to follow instructions

Product Features

  • Supports VESA: 50x50mm/ 75x75mm/ 100x100mm/ 200x100mm/ 200x200mm
  • Swivel Range: up to 180° / Tilt Range: ± 20° / Maximum weight capacity: 30kg / 66lbs
  • Compatible with: AOC Envision 619Fh L24H898 416V 2436Vw 416Va 2330V, Dynex DX-L24-10A DX-40L150A11, Haier HLC26, HannsG HH-241HPB HH-281HPB HH-251HPB HH-231HPB, HANNspree ST42DMSB, Insignia NS-LDVD26Q-10A NS-32L550A11 NS-32E570A11 NS-32L450A11 NS-37L550A11, LG 47LE5350 47LK550 47LK520 42CS570 42CS560 42LE5300 42LE5500 42LD400 42LK520 42LD450 42LD520 42LM6200 42LE5400 42LK550 42LK450 26LD350 26LV2500 32LD450 32LD520 32LM6200 32LM5800 32LE5300 32LD400 32LK450 22LV2500 32CS460 32CS560 32LE5400 32LK330 32LV2500 37CS560 37LE5300 37LV3500 37LK450 37LD450, Panasonic TC-L32E3 TC-L32C3 TC-L32U3 TC-L32X5 TC-L32X30 TC-L32C22 TC-L32U22 TC-L32X2 TC-L32E5 TC-L37E5 TC-L32DT30 TC-L37U3 TC-L37DT30 TC-L47ET5 TC-L47E50 TC-L47E5 TC-32LX34 TC-L42E30 TC-L42E50 TC-L42U30 TC-L47DT50 TC-L47WT50 TC-L37E3 TC-L19C30 TC-L24C3 TC-L42D30, Philips 19PFL4505D/F7 32PFL3504D 32PFL3403D 22PFL4505D/F7 22PFL4907/F7, RCA L22HD41 L32HD32D L32HD35D L26HD35D L26HD32D L26HD31 L26HD41 L32HD31R, NEC MD213MG LCD1990SX-BK EX231W-BK EX231WP-BK EA191M-BK LCD1990SXi EA223WM-BK E222W-BK PA241W-BK-SV EA243WM-BK EA222WMe EA232WMI-BK PA231W-BK-SV PA231W-BK PA271W-BK-SV PA271W-BK E231W-BK AS241W-BK LCD2490WUXi2-BK EA241WM-BK PA301W-BK PA301W-BK-SV P241W-BK P241W-BK-SV PA241W-BK EA273WM-BK AS192-BK LCD1990SXi-BK AS191WM-BK E201W-BK LCD2090UXi-BK-1 LCD2090UXi-BK-SV, HP ZR2740w S2031 ZR2040w LE2202x ZR2240w ZR2440w,
  • Compatible with: Samsung UN19D4003 UN19D4010 UN19D4000 UN26C4000 UN26D4003 LN26A450 LN26C450 LN26B360 LN-T2632H LN-T2653H LN26A330 LN26B460 LN37A330 LN37A450 LN37B650 LN-T375H LN37C550 LN37A530 LN37B550 LN37B530 LN-S3738D LN-T3732H LN-T3753H LN37C530 LN37A550 UN40D6450 UN40D6500 LN40C530 LN40C650 LN40C630 LN40C550 UN40EH5300 LN40A330 UN40EH5050 UN40ES6150 UN40ES6580 UN40D6300 UN40D6420 UN40EH6000 UN40D5005 UN40D5500 UN40D5550 UN40D6000 UN40ES6500 UN40EH5000 LN40B500 UN40D5003 UN40D6050 UN40D6400 UN40ES6100 P2570HD UN27D5000NF LN-R238W LN-R237W LN-T2354H P2370HD LN-T2342H LN-T2353H LN32B650 UN32C4000 UN32C5000 UN32C6500 LN-R3228W LN-R327W LN32A300 UN32D6000 LN32D550 LN32D430 LN-S3251D LN-T3242HX LN-T3253HX LN32A330 LN32B640 320MXn-2 LN32D405 UN32D5500 LN-T325H UN32EH4050 320PX LN-S3238D LN32C550 LN-S3252D LN-S3292D LN-S3296D LN32B530 LN32B540 UN32EH4000 LN-T3232H LN-T3242H LN32C450 LN32C530 LN-T3253H LN32B360 LN32B460 UN32EH5300 UN32EH5000 320P LN32A450 LN32B550 320MP-2 LN32D450 LN32D403 UN32D4005 UN32D4003 UN32B6000 LN-R329D LN-S3241D LN-T3253HT LN-R328W LN32A540 LN32A550 LN32A650 UN32D4000 LN-T2642H UN32D4010 UN22D5000 UN22D5003 UN22D5010 LN22B360, Sceptre X240BE-FHD E325BD-HD E325BV-HD E326BV-HDH+ X240RC-FHD X240LC-FHD X23WV-Komodo X23BV-Naga X240BC-FHD X420BV-F120 X240BV-FHD X240LV-FHD X23GV-Komodo X23PV-Komodo X23RV-Komodo X240PC-FHD X240RV-FHD X240PV-FHD X240CC-FHD, Sharp LC-26SB28UT LC-26DV28UT LC-26SH12U LC-32D47U LC-32D59U, Sony KLH-W32 KDL-32EX523 KLV-32U100 KLV-32MRX1 KDL-32XBR6 KDL-32EX729 KLV-32M1 KLV-32S200A KDL-32EX720 KDL-32BX420 KDL-V32XBR1 KDL-32EX600 KDL-37M3000 KLV-32U100M KLV-S32A10 NSX-32GT1 KDL-32EX400 KDL-V32XBR2 NSX-24GT1 KDL-22BX320 KDL-32EX308 KDL-32BX300 KDL-32EX500 KDL-32EX700 KDL-32BX320, Toshiba 40E210U 40E220U 40FT1U 40G300U 40S51U 40L5200U 37E200U 19C100U 19SL410U 19SLV411U 26SL400U 26CV100U 26C100U 24L4200U 24SL410U 40E200U 24SLV411U 32E200U 32FT2U 32TL515U 32SL415U 19SL400U 32C110U 32CV100U 32C100U 32DT1U 32SLV411U 24SL415U 40SL412U
  • Compatible with: Toshiba 47L6200U 47L7200U 22C100U 22SL400U 32C120U, ViewSonic VP2650wb VA2626wm VX2835wm VX2433wm VTMS2431 VT2430 VG2427wm VP2365wb VA2323wm, Vizio M261VP E261VA E260VA E390VL VL260M E322MV E322AR M260VA E260MV VA26L VW26L E321VL E320ME VX240M E240AR VOJ320F VL320M E322VL E321ME E320VL M320SL M320NV VOJ320M VL370M E370VA E320VP VA320M E321MV E320VA E371VL M370NV M320VT E3D320VX VO320E E321VA VA370M SV370XVT E370VL E370VP E370VT E371VA E3D420VX E420VL M370VT VO370M XVT373SV M370SL M421NV XVT3D424SV E421VO E422VL M420VT M420NV XVT423SV E420VO E421VA M421VT E422VLE E421VL M160MV XVT3D474SV XVT473SV E470VL E472VLE M470NV M220NV E221VA VA22LF E3D470VX M470VT VM230XVT M221NV M220VA-W VA220E VO22LF VO22L VX200E M260MV M260VP M260VA-W VW22L E220MV E220VA E190VA M190VA-W E191VA, Westinghouse M2401 L2410NM L2610NW SK-26H540S SK-26H520S, Acer G235H V233H S231HL V213HL V223W G215HV B243HL V273H HN274H B273H G185H V203HL G245HQ B243PWL V243H V243HL V243HQ, AOC 2436Vw E2051SN 2036SA N2041S 2036S i2353Ph e2250Swdn 2236Vwa E2251SWDN e2243Fwk 2236Vw e2343Fi 919VWA 992SW2 E950SW e2450Swd 2436Vh 2436Vwa, ASUS VG278H VE258 VW266H VK266H VK246H VE249H VE245TL-P VH242H VW246H VS248H VS247H PA246Q VE247H VS239H-P VS238H-P VG23AH VH238H VH232H VE276Q MT276HE PA238QR VH236H PA238Q VH235T-P VS229H-P VS228H-P VK278Q VE278Q, Dell IN1930 IN2030M U2212HM G2210 U2412M U2410 U2711, LG E2342V-BN E2711PY-BN E2742V-BN L2000CP-BF L206WTY-BF E2441T-BN E2442V-BN M2452D-PU E2411PU-BN E2211PU-BN E2211T-BN N2210WZ-BF E2210T-BN E2211TB-BN W2246PM-BF W2246T-BF PS225T-BN E2242T-BN IPS235T-BN IPS235V-BN D2342PB-PN W2363D-PU E2241VB-BN E2210P-BN D2342P-PN IPS231B-BN, ViewSonic VA2251m VA2223wm VA2231wm VA2232wm VG1932wm VG2028wm VA2703 VG2732m VX2250wm VX2258wm VG2428wm VG2436wm V3D245 VX2453MH-LED VA1938wa VA1948m VX2450WM-LED VX2230WM-LED VA2451m V3D231 VX2703mh VP2765 VA2248m VG2228wm VP2365 VX2336s VA2431WM VA2448m VA2251m VG2236wm VA1931wa VA1931wm, NEC P221W-BK AS221WM-BK LCD2190UXp-BK


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